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ray ban black friday 2014  Ray-Ban optical glasses of the series models with sunglasses series of extremely strong and light weight characteristics, the design is very suitable for those who strive for comfort and want to keep the demeanor of the people. ray ban black friday Embossed Ray-Ban logoinside the glasses legs and glasses legs rubber tip injection could allow users to better stability and wear glasses to provide the best comfort. Moreover, carbon fiberframes nose flexibility can easily adjust, adapt to a variety of face. Lens by monomerhinge for further strengthening, front frame without welding can increase the strength,and to make the line more fashionable. ray ban black friday Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) has been the mostpopular in the world brand sunglasses. Ray-Ban ( ray ban black friday 2014 ) is one of the Americanflag sunglasses. In the post-war Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) glasses as a fashion productquickly swept the world.

ray ban black friday sale  In twentieth Century 50, Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) launched with multi-color lens and alarge framed fashion sunglasses to the market, and launched the women’ssunglasses series. In 60, Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) crack appearance of the lens,sunglasses styles of rough and stylish design. In 75, Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) launched the photochromic sunglasse ray ban black friday sale  s can be in a different light, providing visual sense of the most clear to the wearer.

Care instructions: 1 put on or take off his glasses must use both hands to hold the frame legs, gently. With only one hand, so would undermine the balance, produceframe deformation.

2 do not display the mirror down, should let the mirror upward or upright placed under the display ray ban sunglasses black friday , will wear the most important part of the center of the lens.

3 rub the lens (in particular, resin lenses) must use special cleaning lenses or softhandkerchief or paper, lens stained with dust and sand, should first wash with waterand then wipe the lens, or is likely to be worn and the operation should be gentle  ray ban cyber monday .

4 to avoid contact with perfumes, pesticides and other items containing chemical composition, to avoid the chemical corrosion of lenses, frames, better protect yourglasses.

5 glasses in the long-term use will inevitably have abrasion and oxidation ray ban sunglasses black friday .

The 6 frame deformation would burden the nose or ears, the lens is also easy to loose, advice on a regular basis to a specialty store plastic adjustment.

Storage method: avoid light preservation / humidity / temperature / avoid extrusion ray ban cyber monday .